About Me

About Me

My interest in chiropractic began when I started getting chiropractic adjustments as a teenager.  I had spent a week in hospital for head and neck injuries. Chiropractic was the only healing method that helped with the chronic pain I had been experiencing.

I soon began helping my chiropractor out with some remodeling and construction work on his practice during the summer breaks from school, and also learning a  lot about the ins and outs of a Chiropractic practice.  I decided to attend Chiropractic school.

Six years later in December of 1986, I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. I then began working  for a chiropractor in Maryland, USA.  Thereafter I moved to Wisconsin, where I practiced for a time as an associate and later as a private practitioner.

After nearly eight years in practice I decided to go back to university to learn the German language so I could fulfill my dream of living one day in Europe.

During a translation internship in Germany, I met my future wife and moved to Germany. I worked as a translator for several years and then took a break to raise my son.  I found myself wanting to practice Chiropractic again.

After passing the German Heilpraktiker examination I set up shop in the east side of Stuttgart, sharing office space with another Heilpraktiker.

I am proficient in the Palmer adjusting techniques, or the “Palmer Package” as it is known to chiropractors.

I am looking forward to be at your service!