Chiropraktor or Chiropraktiker?

In Germany, the difference between a Chiropraktor, a Chiropraktiker and a Chirotherapeut is easy to understand.

Chiropraktor is the German word for Chiropractor. Chiropraktik is the German word for Chirorpractic.

Chiropractic is at once a healing art, science and philosophy.

Chiropractic, as it was founded by D.D. Palmer in the United States and, which went on to be taught worldwide in universities with acedemic courses totaling over 5000 hours in Anatomy and Neurology, as well as Radiology, Physiology and Laboratory Analysis.

In addition, a thorough training in neurological and orthopedic physical examination and findings is taught.

The focus of studies is on the chiropractic adjusting techniques for the body’s joints, particularly the joints of the vertebrae.

Chiropractors are also instructed in the taking of X-Rays and how to interpret them in relation to the patient’s condition.

On top of all this is the study of Chiropractic Philosophy.

The last year of study is spent in a clinical setting treating patients under the supervision of experienced chiropractors.

The academic degrees of Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) in America or Master of Chiropractic/MChiro in Europe are awarded to graduates of accrediited chiropractic colleges and universities.

In countries where Chiropractic is a licensed profession (USA, Great Britain, Switzerland, France and others) the Doctor of Chiropractic works as part of the medical system and can take X-Rays as well as write sick notices and official medical reports.

A Chiropraktiker, who learns his or her trade in Germany, is, in most cases, a Heilpraktiker (and does not necessarily have any previous training in the medical field) who has had instruction in manual therapy, most of which is learned in a series of 2-4 day seminars. This is usually done without clinical supervision of actual patients.

A Chirotherapeut is a medical doctor who has taken about 320 hours of training in manual therapy.